Corazon S. Atayde Memorial Foundation

God will Provide

Random Miracles

The random miracles fund is all about being a miracle to someone in need. It aims to continue the legacy of giving, not just to the people we already know and love but specially to the strangers whom we are blessed to meet along our journey. Through this initiative we are hoping to touch more lives and to keep Cora's spirit of selflessness and generosity alive everyday
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Let's Read

Inspired by their family's charitable endeavors, Cora's son Leandro Atayde III and his wife Margarita Romero Atayde created a Remedial Reading program using the Binhi foundation's reading kit. The program focuses on children at risk of dropping out due to learner's frustration from never having learned to read. By infusing close monitoring, teacher training and parent and community involvement with the Binhi method, the program has been able to transform the lives of the children most at risk of being left behind by the public educational system.

The Corazon Atayde Memorial Foundation strongly supports the remedial reading program as it seeks to eradicate illiteracy at the grade school level. By learning how to read, the children are no longer assured of failure and have a real chance at a brighter future.

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Favorite Charities

Corazon Atayde was an active contributor to Fr. Boyet's different institutions. Those close to her would definitely remember her rallying for contributions on behalf of Fr. Boyet's different programs.

Fr Boyet began with the Center for the death and dying, which aims to restore the dignity of those neglected or uncared for on their last years by creating a safe and comfortable shelter that provides them a dignified passing to their next life. They are given spiritual guidance and physical care to ease their soul in this difficult process.

His more recent project is a center for malnourished children. Believing that children are not able to grow and learn without proper nutrition, Fr. Boyet cares for these children through an in-house live-in facility to supervise not just the feeding but also the education of children who no longer have a home or are in need of special care. The Corazon Atayde Memorial Foundation wishes to continue supporting these projects actively to enable Fr. Boyet to continue his mission.

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news & updates


Read some heartwarming and funny encounters with Cora. See how she changed the lives of people she just happened to come across. If you have stories of how Cora touched your life, please share them with us.

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